¿What are the cookies?

The cookies are little files of information that are receives from Web site terminal visited and they use for register certain interaction of navigation saving all the data that can be recovered and actualized. These files are saved in the user computer and contained anonymous data that are not negative for their team. They are use to remember the user preference, language selected, access data or customization page.

The cookies also can be used to register anonymous information about how the visitant uses the web site. For example, from what Web site you signed or if you already use one publicity “banner”.

¿Why Expofinques use cookies?

Expofinques use cookies strictly necessaries and essential for you to use our web site and allow you to move, use the secure areas, personalize option etc. Also, Expofinques and it Group of enterprises use cookies that recovered data relative with the use analysis of the Web. This are use to help to improve the client service, measuring the use and performance from the page to optimized and personalized.

Our sites also can have social networking links (such as Facebook or Twitter). Expofincas Group does not check the cookies used by external Web in Original. For more information on cookies social networks or other outside websites, please review our policies.

¿If I don´t want to have this cookies or I don´t make anything about it?

To acomplished our present legislation, we have to request for permission to generate cookies. If you decide to not authorized the treatment showing your not accordance, we just use the technical cookies, because there are essential for navigating our website. In this case, there would store any cookies. In the case of keep browsing our website without refuse authorization implies accepting its use. Note that if you reject or clear the browser cookies, we cannot keep your preferences, some features of the pages will not function, we cannot offer personalized services and every time you go to browse our website we will have to ask again your authorization for the use of cookies.

If you decide still, change the settings of your access to the website, you should know that you can delete cookies or prevent this information is recorded on your computer at any time by changing the settings of your browser:

Cookie settings of Internet Explorer

Firefox cookie settings

Google cookie settings Chrome

Safari cookies settings

These browsers are undergoing upgrades or modifications, so we cannot guarantee that fully conform to the version of your browser. You might also use another browser in these links as Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc. To avoid these imbalances, you can access directly from your browser options that is usually found in the Options menu, in the section "Privacy". (Please refer to your browser help for more information.)

Are the data collected in cookies used in other websites than Expofinques?

Some of our cookies are used to generate advertising on third-part networks or to perform analytical for that use external tools to Expofincas Group. Cookies are used exclusively for Expofinques Group and its group of companies.

Then, ¿what means the last information?

If you accept our cookies, allow us the improve of Group websites to provide optimal access and give it a more efficient and personalized service.

In addition, you can set your browser to establish that only trusted Web sites or pages you 're browsing at this time to manage cookies allowing you to select your preferences.

Providing this policy, the Expofincas Group demostrates the commitment to the existing legislation on the use of cookies, providing information for you to understand what kind of cookies we use. With this, we aim to provide transparency regarding the data processed about navigation made ​​from your computer on our website. This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness, so it can be modified. We recommend you visit the page regularly informing you of any updates thereto.

¿Where can i get more information?

If you have any questions about how we use cookies, and is not answered in this policy please send us your comments through our Customer Service .

If you need more information about the cookies policy, please refer to the Official Gazette published last March 31, 2012 (Spain) where directives are transposed on electronic communications. You can also consult the policy on

This website uses analytic cookies in order to analyze the visits of the website and the accomplishment of statistics of the site through Google Analytics. If you continue browsing we authorize them to their placement.Know more