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New EXES - Grupo Expofincas TV campaign

EXES – Grupo Expofincas, with the aim to continue growing as a recognized brand, has started a new communication initiative, realizing a television spot that can be seen from today in the leading audience channel in Catalonia, TV3.

The new commercial is part of the Group's expansion plan, taking a step forward in all the actions that the company is doing in recent times. Right now, it is the only real estate group that will have a presence on television, the media with more power and visibility for advertisers. It is, therefore, a safe bet with which the brand will be tremendously recognized.

The new EXES - Grupo Expofincas spot will have a daily presence on Catalan public television until next July 8, always in prime time and taking advantage of the popularity  of the TV news programme and the Nashville series. Hundreds of thousands of people will be able to watch this ad and discover, in just 20 seconds, what the brand has to offer.

The spot will also present the company's new slogan, "Where Homes Come True", a sentence that expresses the close and human treatment that EXES - Grupo Expofincas always maintains with its customers. A way of understanding the real estate sector that has allowed the company to maintain its continuous growth in the last 25 years.

For the future, the company aspires to continue betting on different campaigns, both online and offline. The presence of the brand in all areas of communication is one of the pillars with which the company aspires to maintain its status as one of the references of the real estate sector.

Spot for tv EXES

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